Tango overview


Tango is a collaborative customer communication platform able to integrate and manage the people, activities, and processes associated with creation, management, and delivery of highly personalized content. 


Customer communications, whether in a document, an email, a web page, or to a mobile device, ultimately represent a business process between a company and its clients and Tango facilities this in a unique way by providing three distinct application interface layers.


The business application, the management layer and an underlying development layer used to build the business application.



Each business application represents a specific communication initiative such as marketing, customer support, or human resources and then within that, relevant correspondence types are packaged for example a sales promotion, letter, contract, or other.    At the business application level, users work in an interactive query process. The steps presented are functional to a specific business process and options display dynamically based on the selections made in the previous step. This process, driven by a library of business rules, quickly combines the appropriate text, images, and data together to create the customer communication required.



Separate development modules provide the foundation for the business application functionality including template creation, data processing, business rules development, and workflow definition. Applications created here are as Tango business applications with simplified, straightforward screens. 


A management layer sits between the business application and development foundation. This consists of administrative modules to provide control for system access, task assignment, workflow monitoring and reporting, and to establish the rules related to how content is managed and used across the various business applications; all of which can be done from any computer or device with the appropriate log-in credentials.




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