Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have multiple business units running different browsers: what browsers does Tango support

  • Tango supports all the major browsers and we continually verify Tango with these browsers when either a new version of Tango or browser is released. These include (but isn't limited to) - Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari.

  • I know you have a revenue assurance solution for telecommunication companies: do you have a solution for power utilities

  • Yes - Sainist IT has a revenue assurance solution for power utilities. While revenue assurance was borne out of the need for telecommunication companies to ensure that a customer was correctly provisioned with the contracted services and equally for a telecommunications company to ensure that all revenues were correctly tracked for those services, power utilities have acknowledged the same need within thier own large and divergent customer bases. This has become more apparent with the deregulation of the power market and the move to smart metering.

  • Does Tango have a document archive and retrieval component

  • Yes - this is accomplished by Tango Document Server (TDS) an add-on component to Tango. TDS has been devloped in the same architecture as Tango, and therefore is fully web based. TDS complies with the industry standard CMIS interoperability protocol, allowing any CMIS compliant application to perform population or extration funtions - whether in batch or realtime.

  • Our business direction is to provide client communications in electronic form: how does Tango produce output for email and SMS

  • This is a common move across all markets, with the general figures being that traditional print is declining by 10-30% annually - and electronic communications increasing by 40-60% annually. Tango has add-on components (like TDS above) for the creatiion and handling of email and SMS. In both cases, these add-on's interface with either email or SMS gateways for delivery and exception handling.

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Whether you have a technical question - quickly need to understand how a function works - want to discuss best practices for your business - understand if your compliance processes can be met: we are available 24 x 7 to meet your needs.

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